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Ideas to Save Space on Kids’ Things

When our son was born I was determined to not let our house become a chaotic jumble of brightly-colored plastic crap.  And, so far, I’m winning that war thanks in part to my unshakable dedication to finding things that fold. Every baby item must be, in this order, safe, small/foldable, and cleanable.  His bouncer stays under his crib when not in use. The carseat is in the closet. The scooter is tucked unobtrusively in the hallway next to his stroller. We fit an amazing amount of crap into our limited space and still manage to keep it looking decent (alas not quite the Kondo-esque minimalism of my dreams, but not a toddler tornado) because everything folds away.  

Foldable Kids’ and Babies’ Things

Having tried a seemingly endless list of foldable baby and kid items, I’m here to share the best (and the worst!) of the bunch.  Raising a kid is hard enough, so hopefully we find a product that saves you a few minutes – or just decreases the amount of kid clutter that quickly accumulates.

Check out a few of our favorites:

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