Ikea Sundvik in white with open changing table
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Ikea Sundvik Changing Table

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[UPDATE: Looks like this changing table might not be such a good idea]

I am really starting to have second thoughts about this changing table.  It is fairly difficult to open or close the fold out panel, especially when holding a squirmy baby.  I only fold it up to make room for overnight guests. It would probably have been better to just get a small changing table and keep all of the diapers and changing paraphernalia in a nearby caddy.  On the bright side, it is fairly presentable for children’s furniture and won’t look out of place as a dresser in the future. I do like that it has drawers instead of open shelves – or as I see them, open invitations to toddlers to remove all of the contents!  

34.3″ d x 31.1″ w x 39″ h20.1″ d x 31.1″ w x 42.5″ h

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  1. Diana says:

    The fold option is to use when the child is older, as stated on their website. once the child is out of the diaper changing stage then it is permanently folded for use in an older child’s room.

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