Babyletto Maki white open on wheels
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Babyletto Maki Full Size Folding Crib

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This is the only (that I could find) crib on the market that folds AND converts into a toddler bed.  As we convert the baby’s room into a guest room as needed we were delighted to find a toddler bed that would fold.  The crib itself is sturdy and stylish. It has removable wheels, which is a nice feature. I do wish that the crib itself was a bit higher off the ground to allow for more underbed storage.

Babyletto Maki white folded on wheels
Babyletto Maki white folded closeup on top hinge section
Babyletto Maki white folded closeup on top hinge section side view
4.5′ l x 2.5′ w x 3.1′ h4.5′ l x 0.7′ w x 3.1′ h

The Babyletto Maki can be purchased on Amazon or at Babyletto’s website.

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