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BabyBjörn Bouncer Bliss

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I have two rules for all baby things that I buy:  They must be foldable and washable. This bouncer is the only one I have found that folds up completely flat, and the entire cover removes for washing!  It was a lifesaver when my son was born and we lived in a Manhattan apartment smaller than many suburban living rooms. An added bonus is that it doesn’t look like the ugly, plastic kids crap most people associate with bouncers.  Because, as my favorite baby guru Pamela Druckerman says in her book French Parents Don’t Give In, baby-proofing should not be “your dominant interior design motif”.  

The bouncer reclines in three positions which makes it fairly versatile for different ages.  It even reverses to become a small toddler chair, which I didn’t find particularly useful as my son was quickly too large for the chair.  One of the two drawbacks that I found was that it can be quite tricky to master the mechanism that controls the recline and fold of the bouncer.  Also it doesn’t come cheap. Depending on the fabric that you choose it can range from $150-$200, which is a huge investment for something that is going to be puked on and covered in applesauce. 

An interesting feature of this chair is that it is completely controlled by the baby. There is no on-off switch or automated feature. The bouncing happens only when the baby fidgets. While my daughter is perfectly content to be gently bounced by her own movements, my son never quite took to the bouncer.

For further entertainment you can purchase a toy bar separately. It can be expensive, for an already expensive bouncer. They run from approximately $50-$60 and aren’t super exciting.

Another issue I have with the bouncer is the size adjustment. There are two different button holes to buckle in the baby. Compare this to many bouncers that have sliding adjustable straps. Also, the buttons themselves are harder to use than a buckle.

Difference Between BabyBjorn Bouncer Bliss and Bouncer Balance

BabyBjorn Bouncer Balance in black and dark gray cotton

The BabyBjorn Bouncer Bliss is the newer model, but has the same basic design and functionality as the older Bouncer Balance. Both models are foldable, can be set to three different angles (upright, slight incline, and near-flat), and have a removable machine-washable fabric. The key differences between the models are:

  • Fabric: The Bouncer Bliss comes in either quilted cotton, or quick-drying mesh. The Bouncer Balance comes in soft cotton, “snuggly” cotton (jersey), or quick-drying mesh.
  • Coloring and aesthetics: The Bouncer Bliss comes in solid colors, and the frame materials look visually “softer”. The Bouncer Balance comes in color pairings (such as Black-Gray), and the frame is basically the same as the Bliss’ but is slightly less visually appealing.
2.6′ l x 1.3′ w x 1.8′ h
2.6′ l x 1.3′ w x 0.3′ h
-Folds completely flat
-Requires some practice to fold

The BabyBjorn Bouncer Bliss can be bought on Amazon or at BabyBjorn’s website.

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