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Stokke Flexi Bath

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This bathtub is a lifesaver for our tiny, 100 year-old bathroom. It is super easy to fold and unfold, although I do wish it would fold flatter.  It never leaks and seems to be pretty sturdy. The only real gripe I have is that the drain plug is a little difficult to insert and remove. We chose the clear/see through model, and it has made bathtime infinitely more adorable! Now you can see every kick of those adorable baby feet!


For small infants you have to purchase an insert to hold them in place.  I do like the versatility of use for both the infant and toddler stages. And, speaking of versatility, it was quite the lifesaver when our washing machine sprung a leak, but that’s a story for another time.  And, if you want a story that is really for another time, check out the Amazon reviews of people who use the Stokke Flexi Bath to bathe their cats and dogs!

The product is designed for ages 0-48 months but my son was too big before he even turned three.  Granted he is tall but keep in mind that you may need to transition out of the tub before 48 months.  The newborn insert is a little different than the mesh or foam type you usually see with baby tubs. It is a hard plastic scoop that holds the baby in place.  It may be less plus than others on the market but it does make it easier to clean. Most “folding tubs” are actually just sink inserts, which really only work for newborns.  

Some people report putting this on their countertop, something I have yet to try.  When baby number two arrives I might give it a shot with the sprayer from the kitchen sink. Sitting on the side of the tub and bending over are definitely something I’d love to avoid while fighting the inevitable postpartum back pain.  

And for the ultimate in versatility, I can easily see this tub being repurposed when the kids get too big. You can use it to store things in or just as a household bucket in a pinch. Essentially it is just a plastic box, which given the current state of our planet, we should definitely try to reuse.


Another plus is that this tub is easy to clean.  There are no weird crevices that are hard to access.  Even when the tub is folded up it still stays slightly open which allows it to dry quickly.


One thing I love is how lightweight the tub is.  At a mere 2.2 pounds it is no problem to quickly set up, move, fold, etc.  If you need to carry your baby in one arm and the tub in the other, it’s actually doable!  Even better, once your baby has mastered the pincer grip, let them drag the tub!

Once the tub is folded it blends nicely into the background.  My sister visited recently and asked to see the tub. I told her to go look under our pedestal sink in the bathroom.  She came back a minute later and told me she couldn’t find it! To be fair, when folded it doesn’t even resemble a tub, but still it is nice to not feel like baby clutter is taking over your apartment.  

While the website claims it folds to just under four inches I can easily smush mine down tighter.  It’s easy to slide under something or in between a tub and a sink (as we do).

Stokke Flexi Bath in white folded closeup view
The Flexi Bath has a latch to keep it folded tight

Minor Issues

So one small annoyance is that the infant seat doesn’t grip so well to the side of the tub. Occasionally this leads to the seat sliding a bit. I suppose if you are really DIY-oriented you could put some rubber underneath the feet. Sometimes the baby actually slides down the smooth, scoop-shaped seat, but that may be babies being wriggly babies.

My only real issue with this tub is that the drain plug is a bit tricky to push in and pull out.  I guess this does help keep it from leaking so I can’t really complain. We have an older model of the Flexi Bath and the newer ones have different drain plugs.  The new drain plugs are heat sensitive and change color to help you be aware of the water temperature. Hopefully they are also a bit easier to use.

Stokke Flexi Bath three side-by-side bathtubs showing drain plug heat indicator for cold warm and hot
Drain Plug changes color from black (cold) to purple (warm) to pink (hot)


At about $45, plus an additional $19 for the infant seat, this isn’t exactly cheap for what is essentially a bucket.  That being said, I have absolutely no regrets and would purchase this item again in a heartbeat. It’s durable enough that we are able to use it again for our second child, the foldability is super convenient, and it is super easy to clean.  One of my favorite review blogs, New York Magazine’s The Strategist, even named Flexi Bath one of the nine best baby bathtubs of 2018.  And, most importantly, you can’t put a price on watching those tiny baby feet through the transparent version!

-Doesn’t leak
-Easy to clean
-Folds almost flat
-Variety of colors to choose from
-Heat-indicating drain plug
-Drain plug is a little tricky to use
-Somewhat expensive
26″ l x 13.7″ w x 9.4″ h24.8″ l x 3.9″ w x 9.4″ h

The Stokke Flexi Bath is a lightweight, foldable, and durable bath tub that you can easily store without taking up much space. It folds narrow enough to fit in a suitcase for traveling. It works well until about age 4. This bath doesn’t leak, drains quickly, and is easy to wash. And it comes in six different colors (including two transparent ones), and has a heat-indicating drain plug. Although this $64ish bathtub isn’t cheap, you definitely get a lot of use out of it.

Where to Buy

The Stokke FlexiBath can be bought on Amazon or directly from Stokke here.

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  1. Kanika Navla says:

    Hi my son is 6 months old, he can easily support his head but still needs a little back support while bathing.
    How can I make flexibath comfortable for him?

    1. Things That Fold Team says:

      Great question! The infant insert, which is sold separately, is what Stokke recommends. We’ve found that it can be a bit of a tricky age when the baby doesn’t want to lean all of the way back in to the insert but can’t fully sit up yet. A small towel rolled up for positioning can help but the beauty of the Flexi Bath is that it is essentially a giant bucket that you can customize. If you have a favorite (waterproof) baby seat or pool floatie that fits in the tub you can always use that! Let us know if you find any hacks that work for you!

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