Homz over-the-door towel and garment drying rack open with three green and blue towels draped over it

Homz Over-the-Door Towel Rack: A Simple Solution to Laundry Clutter

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This drying rack has proven to be essential in our tiny apartment.  It folds up unobtrusively when not in use but expands to hold quite a few items.  So far it hasn’t sagged or bent under the weight of heavy blankets or wet jeans. The over the door hooks make it easy to set up and to move if need be.  My only gripe is the sharp corners that have been leaving marks on the adjacent wall. It sticks out too far for a doorstop to be useful. I suppose I could cover the edges with some kind of soft material, but I have yet to figure out how to do that without it looking sloppy.  

It’s a nice bonus that it never needs to be stored somewhere, it just stays up on the door.  If, however, you do need to move it from one location to the next it folds up fairly compactly and is lightweight.  I wish this came in white – the metal look is a bit industrial for my otherwise classic white laundry setup, but honestly it doesn’t stand out too much.

[The Homz Dying Rack can be purchased on Amazon or at Homz]

Air Flow

One pet peeve I have about some drying racks is that they don’t stagger the wet laundry.  It should be a common sense feature as obviously laundry doesn’t dry properly when it is touching other wet laundry.  The Homz drying rack provides ample space between each bar to allow air to flow through.

Material Quality

The material and construction of the drying rack seem to be a fairly high quality.  Nothing comes loose and so far there have been no signs of mold or rust.

Hanging Space

I also love having my laundry far off the ground.  I have a freestanding rack as well and the lower tiers are useless.  You can’t hang anything from them without it touching the ground. Having something that keeps laundry so far off the ground makes all of the tiers usable.  You get 11 and a half feet of drying space, and all of it is actually useable.


Overall, at only around $25, this has proved to be a fantastic purchase that has helped us make use of all of the space in our apartment.  A note of caution, however: like all over-the-door products, measure your door first to make sure that it fits (i.e. the door needs to be either 1 3/4″ or 1 3/8″ thick and preferably at least 28″ wide). The majority of bad reviews are from people who say that this didn’t fit on their doors.

-Reasonable price
-Well made and designed
-Sharp corners
39″l x 23.6″w x 8.5″h18.3″l x 23.6″w x 4″h

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