Ascent step stool in teal open and folded

Ascent Designer Series Slim 3-Step Stool: The Little Ladder That Could

Hello! Friend and neighbor of the Things That Fold team here to contribute a guest post to one of my favorite blogs!

I’m a fellow New Yorker and tiny apartment dweller, and I love nothing more than maximizing every inch of storage space I can. While my studio is low on square footage, I’m blessed with high (10ft) ceilings, and the tall cabinets that come with it. However, the 2-step stool I brought with me when I moved in didn’t even get me close to those top cabinets, keeping me from my dream of filling those nooks and crannies with long-term storage.

Behold, the Ascent 3-step stool, here to save the day. Not only does that extra step help me reach all the way up to the ceiling (with the stability of wide, rubber-gripped feet), but it folds up to just two inches wide for storage! That’s less than the length of my thumb! And for those looking for a shorter step stool it is also available in both a two and one step version.

The narrow profile means it can be stored pretty much anywhere – I chose to stick mine in the little space between my fridge and the wall, where it’s easy to access. It opens and closes easily, and while not the lightest-weight product at 9.9 pounds, it’s still not cumbersome to move around my apartment. In addition, I like that the handle comes up nice and high. I can hook it onto my shoulder to carry the ladder around, and when it’s open, it’s something to grab onto for extra stability if desired. You could also use it to hang the ladder from the wall, if need be.

It’s worth noting that this step ladder can hold 225 pounds, which may not be suitable for larger people. Even a smaller person who is lifting something heavy could very easily surpass this weight limit. For example, if a 202 pound person is lifting 24 pounds of canned chickpeas to the top of the cabinet (don’t judge, some of us just really like chickpeas), you run the risk of landing on your tush in a pile of chickpea cans and broken step ladder parts.

The company’s website says that the step ladder is made of “lightweight aircraft grade” “color coated aluminum”, for what that’s worth. Certainly the stability of an aircraft is due in part to its construction, not just the materials used, but this stool still seems to be very sturdy.

Finally, in addition to being so functional, this product is also just so pretty! It lives in my kitchen, not tucked away in a cabinet, so I do like that I could choose from a selection of five colors (I chose a cheery, bright teal). It also comes in fairly standard white, black and silver options, as well as a snazzy, shiny red. It can blend nicely into almost any decor.


The step ladder measures 17.9″ L x 29.9″ W x 48.4″ H when open, 2” W when folded, and fits in pretty much any nook you can think of.

Features and Foldability

I need two hands to open the ladder (one to hold it stable, one to unfold), but can close it one-handed, or even one-footed!

As mentioned above, the high handle is a real bonus and helps it feel extra-stable when up on that top step. The ridged steps with rubber strips help prevent slipping.


At $74.99, this is more of an investment piece. I bought it at Bed Bath and Beyond with a 20% off coupon, which certainly helped! I’ve had this step stool for about 3 years and use it regularly, and it still looks and functions like new, so I’d say the value is worth the price if it serves a need for you. And with a solid 5-star rating on Bed Bath and Beyond’s website, it seems that other reviewers agree!

Overall, this miracle product has helped me take my storage game to new heights! (Does the guest blogger get invited back after making that bad pun?)

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