Tikaton Mumba humidifier open and folded

Tikaton (Mumba) Travel Humidifier

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Right off the bat, let me get something off my chest.  I DID NOT WANT TO BUY A HUMIDIFIER. Let me repeat that just a little louder.  I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY DID NOT WANT TO BUY ANOTHER PIECE OF JUNK TO CLUTTER UP MY APARTMENT.  They get gross inside, take up space that I don’t have and if your baby loves it then you have to bring it with you everywhere or they will never sleep again.  Ugh. But then my kid’s pediatrician, whom I love and trust, told me that this would help the baby sleep better and I realized that I love sleep more than I hate cleaning humidifiers.  And as any parent of a newborn will tell you, sometimes you will do anything, really anything to get them to sleep.

In order to make this purchase slightly more palatable I decided that the humidifier must fold.  People have crazy ideas in the midst of severe sleep deprivation. But lo and behold, a deep dive on the internet led me to the Tikaton Travel Humidifier.  Oh the things one can find on the internet!


Interestingly, the humidifier has a built in nightlight.  At first I thought that I had absolutely no use for this, until I realized that it would have to be on the floor next to the baby’s crib due to the lack of outlets in my circa-1925 apartment.  And if you are going to have a water-filled electric machine on the floor of a dark room where you plan on waking up every few hours to feed a baby… well you get the picture. Also when it is lit up it is easier to see how much water is left in the cup.

The humidifier has only one button that toggles between on/off/nightlight on and three modes of mist.  There is no indicator to tell you what mode you are on, which is very confusing. It charges through micro USB and has its own USB port for charging another appliance.  A cable (but not a plug) for charging is included in the box.

And while the manufacturer touts the simplicity of this product, I would love to see a few additional features.  First of all I want to know what to do when the water in the cup runs out. It hasn’t happened yet because I think that the machine is shutting off during the night.  It’s really unclear if it is on, off, or just occasionally spurting out mist. The spartan instruction booklet doesn’t specify how long the water should last for. Maybe an auto-shutoff feature would be helpful, but to be honest I don’t know what happens when you leave a humidifier on with no water, and I’m sure as heck not going to experiment to find out! Have you tried this?  If so let us know in the comments. I suppose I could attach the humidifier to a timer, but it would be cool if that was a built in option.


One tiny little flaw that I noticed is that the micro USB charging port is a tiny bit off center in the casing.  Still 100% usable, but I think it speaks to the overall quality of the product. This doesn’t have the feel of something that will last for very long.


So one of my original reasons for not wanting a humidifier was they are so hard to clean.  And if you don’t clean them enough they get moldy. Gross. So the nice thing about this humidifier is that the water cup completely detaches.  Although there were no directions included on how to clean the unit I just tossed the silicone cup into the dishwasher on the top rack. So far, so good!  I also make sure to leave it open and empty when not in use. The company does include a spare wick that I guess you could swap out eventually if you wanted to.

Tikaton Mumba humidifier detaching top


Although I’ve never played hockey, this humidifier folds down to what a non-hockey player would imagine a hockey puck to look like.  It’s about two inches tall and three and a half inches wide when folded. When unfolded it is about four and a half inches tall and is roughly the shape of a coffee cup.  You could even put it in your car’s cup holder, if that’s your cup of tea (pun intended). The actual folding mechanism is the same as every foldable silicone item on the market:  push in and pop out.

Now I am well aware of the availability of stick-style humidifiers that you pop in to a water bottle.  And yes they are small, but then you have the compatibility issue of making sure it fits the bottle. Also if you plan on using a humidifier regularly, such as at your desk in the office, it is nice to have a designated, reusable vessel that can collapse.

3.5″ l x 3.5″ w x 4.7″ h3.5″ l x 3.5″ w x 2.5″ h


Although this wasn’t mentioned on the Amazon page, the box refers to the unit as “Ice Cream Folding Humidifier”.  The tiered cup topped with a white disk kind of resembles an ice cream cone. Although I only found it in blue online the box shows that it also is available in pink and yellow.  I like the cheery blue color, although I would prefer if it were available in a more grown-up white that would not stand out so much.


You can likely find the humidifier online for under about $25, although check at the seller links below for current prices.

For the price, I feel like you get what you pay for.  Not terribly expensive, but just enough that you are paying for the innovative concept.  If it didn’t fold I wouldn’t pay much for such a basic item.

Where to Buy

The humidifier can be bought at Amazon and Walmart.

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