Joseph Joseph Twist™ Whisk open balloon whisk in multi color

Joseph Joseph Twist™ Whisk: Two in One- Is It Too Good to Be True?

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I really, really wanted to love this whisk. As an avid chef I dream of having a well-stocked kitchen, but alas my small Manhattan apartment has its limits. So when I thought I could have a balloon whisk that folds down to a flat whisk I was delighted. Unfortunately the folding function never seemed to work and the pieces don’t connect back together after disassembly after cleaning. A quick peruse through reviews show that I’m far from the only one who can’t figure this thing out.

The whisk comes in either multicolor or green.

It folds flat when you twist the end cap.

11.5″ l x 3.5″ w x 3.5″ h11.5″ l x 3.5″ w x 1.5″ h

The twist whisk can be purchased on Amazon or on JosephJoseph’s website.

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