Inimina Lily Cup Compact Menstrual Cup light pink size a open

Intimina Lily Cup™ Compact Menstrual Cup: An Innovative New Take on the Menstrual Cup

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For those of you not yet in on the menstrual cup trend, I’ll spare you the evangelizing (Better for the environment!  Saves money!) found in nearly every publication marketed towards women. I admit I was a holdout as seemingly everyone ditched tampons and pads in favor of the the newest cool-girl must-have.  

Inimina Lily Cup light pink size a both open and folded in container

I don’t remember how I first heard about the Lily Cup Compact, but it instantly made a light bulb go off in my head.  Previously storing a menstrual cup meant squashing it into a cloth bag and praying that the bag didn’t somehow get dirty.  Because the Lily Cup Compact collapses you can store it in the easily-sanitized, discreet plastic case. It makes it much easier to keep in your purse for whenever it’s needed.  To give you a sense of how small the case is, it is comparable to the size of an eyeshadow compact.

The sudden ability to bring a menstrual cup with me in my purse left me with no excuse but to jump on the eco-conscious bandwagon along with seemingly every other millennial.  To be honest, I’m glad I did! No more shelling out money each month for something disposable. No worries about running out of supplies. And, of course, the environment.

Now as to whether or not this is a good fit for you, well all bodies are different.  And the one downside to menstrual cups is that there is no try before you buy.  It does come in two sizes to reach a wider range of people, but some people have preferences towards different shapes and materials.  It does cost thirty dollars for the initial investment, but if you continue using the cup it will pay for itself in a few months.

One nice feature of this cup is the material.  As soon as you touch it you can tell that it isn’t just some ordinary piece of plastic.  The high-quality silicone feels silky smooth and soft. I don’t feel like it will break, puncture or degrade.  

Inimina Lily Cup dark pink size b three images open folding and folded
Collapsing the Lily Cup™ to half an inch

Difference between Size A and Size B

The two sizes are identical, other than that Size B is slightly wider and is recommended for women who have given birth vaginally or have a weaker pelvic floor. Other than that (and also the color) the two are exactly the same.

Size A1.65″ diamIf you have not given birth, or have given birth by caesarean
Size B1.77″ diamIf you have given birth naturally, or have a weaker pelvic floor
-Innovative design
-Cost effective
-High quality feel
-Learning curve
OpenFolded, in box
Size A2.28″ h x 1.65″ diameter0.65″ h x 2″ diameter
Size B2.28″ h x 1.77″ diameter0.65″ h x 2″ diameter

[The Lily Cup can be purchased on Intimina’s website or on Amazon]

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