Fend helmet in black tucked under arm

The Story Behind the FEND Helmet: Exclusive Interview With the Cofounders

One thing that really struck me when unboxing, researching and reviewing the FEND was how passionate the founders are about their product.  It showed in everything from their backstory to the adorable thank you note tucked into their packaging. I can honestly say that I have no clue who created most of the products I …

Fend helmet in white worn by person showing side view

FEND Foldable Bike Helmet

I give the FEND a lot of credit for its unique folding design, and for breaking into the foldable helmets market with a competitive price. I like that it’s so easy to fold, and that it clicks into place when unfolded. However, a big strike against it is the fact that it can’t shrink that much when folded. The company also has a red flag for shipping the product out to its backers at a massive lag and for being practically unreachable. We’ll track how the company is doing over the next year, but for now, I would only cautiously recommend this helmet.


ABS vs Polycarbonate: Which Helmet Shell Material Is Better?

There are many different materials helmets can be made out of. But the two most common shell materials for folding bike helmets are ABS and polycarbonate. Which one is better? It depends. On a high level, polycarbonate is more expensive, flexible, softer, and lighter. Conversely, ABS is much cheaper, as well as harder, heavier, and …

Hudson-St street sign

Behind the Scenes with the NYC Company That Created the Stack Packable Helmet

As a huge fan of Priority Bicycle’s 174HUDSON Stack Packable helmet, I recently had the opportunity to sit down to an interview with Connor Swegle, co-founder of Priority Bicycles. Here is what he had to say about urban biking, the future of helmets and his favorite place to bike. Interview has been lightly edited for …

174Hudson-Stack foldable helmet open in onyx black

174HUDSON Stack: A Folding Helmet Without the Big Price Tag

[tl;dr] I was pretty excited to try this folding helmet. I’ve been using a different folding helmet for about two years now and wanted to know if the Stack could do any better, especially in terms of foldability and comfort. I realize there are a lot of tradeoffs you have to make when you make …

Brooks England Carrera Foldable Helmet in grey open front view

Brooks England Carrera Foldable Helmet

The Brooks England Carrera is a “stylish” and comfortable helmet that squashes down to about 67% of its width. It’s not hugely compact, and even then, requires some work to keep it shut. However, it is a fairly lightweight and natural-feeling helmet, due to its elastic springy design. Overall, I would only recommend the Carrera if you either really want a helmet that hugs your head, or if you happened to find a Carrera design that totally speaks to you.

Morpher helmet matte black full view from side with chin strap

The Morpher Folding Helmet: Does It Live up to the Hype?

The Morpher folding helmet folds extremely flat, while otherwise looking like a regular helmet. It’s great if you’re new to folding helmets and want something inconspicuous and functional. Other helmets may be better in terms of fit, style, portability, or price, but overall the Morpher does not have any major weaknesses, and is a great helmet that you will probably be very satisfied with.